My name is Olga.


A short version of my life story would sound something like:


“She was born in Ukraine, grew up in Germany where she rather quickly became an international dance champion. Olga moved to The Netherlands to pursue her double degree international business studies and just 3 semesters later she was transferred to University in North Carolina, US where she graduated with honors and 3 degrees. She fulfilled her dream of working at United Nations headquarters as a political advisor and later went on to become an entrepreneur and show producer. Her first dance company has produced and performed halftime shows for several NBA and WNBA teams and even rocked the NHL. Her later businesses  included professional dance wellness programs for corporations as well marketing agency working with a variety of businesses.”


Sounds like I had a few lives to live, right?


My achievements are great, but what really made each one of them special was everything that happened in-between. The moments of highs, lows, lessons, struggle, hard work, empathy, gratitude, unexpected friendship, and incredible fulfillment. 

"The happiness is in the journey."  


In order to embark on the journey of fulfillment, one needs to be clear about the goals and directions. Also, having a game plan is important. Actually doing what you planned (most importantly when you don’t even feel like it) and keeping an open mind for unexpected changes - these are actually essential. 


And that’s where I come in. 


There are endless sources of motivation, yet same as a sugar rush these pass in a (pretty fast) heartbeat. Also not many do possess the ability to stay put and hustle until they get to make their dream a reality. Especially when you are building something for the very first time. 


If you’re interested to open and actually run your business successfully and, moreover, seek fulfillment by following your calling and succeeding in something that is meant for you, this is your spot.


My job is to ensure you find your answers, get to know yourself and find dedication and discipline to actually do it and get it done.


And trust me, I know how to do my job. 

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Appreciate you!


Your O.

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