Olga is the pro when it comes to encouraging people and building teams. Her secret sauce is harmony. From a young age she studied the psychological part of the dance world she became multiple world champion in, seeking to find as many possible ways to connect with any type of partner or a student. She built competitive dance teams, corporate teams, non-profit teams and lately - a number of multicultural teams of various ages that performed together at NBA, NHL & WNBA games without any prior dance or TV experience in New York, Miami and Washington DC.

Olga is the master of combining her professional dance coaching expertise with her experience of a leader, builder and mindful motivator. The DanceClass Corporate Program is the ultimate result of her expertise, knowledge and determination aimed to help companies to succeed by boosting their work force's wellbeing.

In addition, having an experience of acting on set, Olga saw a tremedous need to educate actors in dance and motion helping them to prepare for a specific role as well as choreograph specific scenes on set allowing to bring director's ideas to shine. As a result, Olga has developed a special hands-on program for actors.



Olga is known for being one of the few down-to-Earth world-class level instructors whose motivation is to encourage students and make their learning process as easy and as fun as possible regardless of student's age or level of experience.

Olga is an internationally acknowledged Latin and Ballroom dance performer and internationally licensed instructor. She began her dance career at the age of 6 y.o. in her native country Ukraine where she quickly became National Champion.

Upon invitation she moved to Germany in the year 2000 representing the country at the highest level in Latin, Ballroom and 10-Dance winning National Championships, World Championships and the most prestigious international championships such as German Open and Blackpool Dance Festival. She became internationally licensed dance instructor in the year 2005 and since then has won major popularity among her young and adult students in Europe and the United States. Besides holding three University Degrees in Law, Political Science, and Business Management, Olga stays loyal to her passion of ballroom dance and is very encouraged to pass it on to her students.  


Olga is available for private lessons via DanceClass LLC, workshops, lectures and panel talks.