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DAILY GOOD NEWS - Sunday April 5th 2020

Drop your newspapers, the Daily Good News is here!

Happy Sunday! Here's what we got for today.


Father and twin daughters perform debutante ball dance after event is canceled

You know I love dance and this news is so awesome!

Check out Jason Coonerty recreating a sweet moment stolen due to the spread of the coronavirus for his daughters.

Source: ABC News

Hospital staff cheer for 94-year-old who was discharged after COVID-19 diagnosis

Staff at the Parc Tauli Hospital in Sabadell, clapped and cheered as a 94-year-old woman was discharged from hospital eight days after being admitted for COVID-19.

Source: ABC News

Two Friends Raise Thousands To Buy iPads For Nursing Homes So Residents Can FaceTime With Family

Since most nursing homes are no longer allowing visitors due to the Coronavirus, it has become difficult for senior residents to stay connected to their families.

That's why Jill Ashworth Valadao and Sarah Otis Firth launched "FaceTime for Nana".

Jill Ashworth Valadao and Sarah Otis Firth

Firth, who lives in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, said she was browsing her newsfeed on Facebook when a photo made her cry. An adult daughter was standing outside the window of her mother's room at a nursing home, holding a white board as her only means of communication.

"I thought these poor people in the nursing homes; they're so scared and isolated. I wish I could get a bunch of iPads to give to them," she told The Standard Times.

Firth reached out to her friend, Jill Valadao, to see if she was interested in starting a fundraiser together to buy iPads for nursing homes so the residents could use FaceTime to chat with family and friends.

Valadao jumped at the opportunity to help.

She created the Facebook fundraiser page "FaceTime for Nana" on March 17 with a goal of $300, enough to purchase one iPad.

As of Saturday morning, Firth and Valadao had raised nearly $5,000.

Source: SunnySkyz

UPS driver spreads joy by singing in uplifting viral video

A 34-year-old UPS driver and musician living outside of Minneapolis is bringing cheer to folks through song as he makes his deliveries.

As many of us retreat into our homes to help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, still more folks have to venture out to their necessary jobs.

Ben Hertle, 34, is one of those people. A UPS delivery driver in Maple Grove, Minnesota, by day and a musician at heart, Hertle is spreading joy by singing.

In a recent video posted to Facebook, he performed Lenny LeBlanc's worship song, "There's None Like You” as he sat in his UPS truck on break.

Source: Today


78 Elephants In Thailand Have Been Permanently Set Free From Carrying Tourists Because Of COVID-19

As tourism plummets in Thailand due to the Coronavirus, the working elephants are being set free -- for good.

All 78 elephants at Maesa elephant camp in Chiang Mai were set free on Wednesday morning as their owners scrapped the heavy wooden chairs that are tied to their backs for carrying tourists.

Camp director Anchalee Kalampichit said this was the first time in 44 years that the elephants had not worn the seats at the start of the day.

She said the park will now change their business to allow the elephants to roam freely in the grounds and operate as a place for visitors to observe the animals.

They will never wear chairs again.

Source: SunnySkyz

Penguin cams go viral as aquariums and zoos turn to livestreams

Have you ever wondered what the penguins at your favorite aquarium do when nobody else is around?

With their doors closed temporarily due to the coronavirus outbreak, aquariums and zoos across the country are getting creative and providing entertainment in a digital way through livestreams and daily updates on their social media pages.

Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has been taking advantage of the empty halls and is allowing some unusual guests to wander around the different exhibits. The staff has been sharing daily content on its Instagram and Twitter pages all week during the shutdown, including videos of a few of their penguins taking their first stroll through the aquatic museum.

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College Football Players Pay Staff Member's Rent

Members of the University of New Mexico football team set aside a portion of their scholarship money to help support someone who supports them.

Andrea Pierson is a Student Eligibility Specialist. Her job is helping student athletes make grades and navigate NCAA rules.

Therefore she is very involved with each player on the team.

"She helps us with everything," said football player Daevon Vigilant. "Like she really is like a second mom."

"Our academic support staff deserve 100 times more than what they have right now," said football player Teton Saltes.

Things have not been easy for Pierson, lately. Over the last year, two members of the team took their own lives.

"She was very close with them, and so it really impacted, not just them, but every sports team here, and Andrea in particular," Saltes said. "It's been hard."

The players wanted to do something nice for Pierson, to thank her for the impact she makes on the team.

"So we contacted her landlord, and you know, a whole bunch of guys from the team got together and we all pitched money from our own scholarship checks to pay her rent for a month, and then some," Saltes said.

They surprised her with the money and a thank-you card at a recent softball game.

"And then I realized and, I just, instantly was tears," Pierson recalled.

"They're doing awesome things," she said. "They're doing great things. They're doing selfless things."

Source: SunnySkyz



Tough times tend to show those who find the strength and ability to shine their light through. I know it's been hard to feel nowhere near what you would describe as "happy" lately. It takes such tremendous strength to get up, shower and get to be doing something every morning. Knowing it and going through it all myself, I ask you to keep going and to find the ability to feel gratitude for what we have - our breath, our heartbeat and the ability to love. Shine your light and share it to make this world a better place. Yes, you still can.

Be well, feel well and keep going,

Your O.

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