• Olga Nesterova

Quality Matters

How to succeed selling online.

The times of "Zoom" have brought a whole new perspective and a variety of challenges to the leaders of many (if not all) industries. Someone who had the most profitable business is now suddenly struggling to achieve the same level of success on the solely online market and the reason for it is not only the rather tough economic conditions. The ever strong competition from other businesses paired with the remarkable attention of any demographic is a blessing for some and a curse for many. 

When you start offering your services online you face a whole new variety of challenges that will determine whether you will or won’t be successful. 

What are those points? Well, I summed it all up in this brand new episode.

Please tune in and let me know your thoughts. 

Hope these tips will help you get yours, honey! 


03:30 min Seek gratitude 

09:22 min Don’t put all your eggs in one basket 

11:32 min Quality is what matters the most

13:24 min The psychology of online teaching 

14:31 min Engaging delivery is vital 

15:46 min Way to outcompete the best in your market 

18:24 min Why you need to offer free content 

19:23 min Build community 

19:52 min Use the time for your advantage 

22:31 min It’s the time to pursue your passion

23:12 min Quality over quantity Useful links mentioned in the episode: WEEKLY FREE LIVE ONLINE DANCE PARTY - Sundays at 12p ET https://www.premiumdancelessons.com/livestream Article on how to determine whether you business idea is feasible https://www.iamolganyc.com/post/i-have-sort-of-a-business-idea-now-what O-TV Episode on how to create a successful marketing plan in 10 steps https://www.iamolganyc.com/post/your-marketing-plan-in-10-steps

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