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DAILY GOOD NEWS - Thursday April 9th 2020

Good morning, happy Thursday dear. It’s time for the good news.


Let’s start with some kind social media updates.

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Taking Hot Baths Every Day is Linked to Lower Risk of Stroke or Heart Disease

Regular tub bathing is linked to a lower risk of death from heart disease and stroke—and the higher the “dose,” the better it seems to be for cardiovascular health, with a daily hot bath seemingly more protective than taking a bath once or twice a week.

According to the long-term study published online in the journal Heart last month, having a bath is associated with good sleep quality and better self-rated health, but it’s not clear what its long-term impact might be on cardiovascular disease risk, including heart attack, sudden cardiac death, and stroke.

The health benefits of taking hot baths are similar to those experienced by Finnish adults who regularly sauna bathe—although additional research has also found that sauna bathing can positively affect everything from neurocognitive diseases and mental health disorders to skin diseases, arthritis, headaches, flu, and even overall mortality.

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Watch Farmer Use His Tractor to Plow Massive Tribute to Healthcare Workers into His Field

A talented farmer has created his own heartwarming tribute to the British National Health System (NHS) by using his tractor to plough a giant rainbow into one of his fields.

33-year-old Jack Pantall used an aerial drone camera connected to his phone in order to map out the huge image of the NHS logo and the “Stay Safe” rainbow in appreciation for Britain’s healthcare workers battling the COVID-19 outbreaks.

The massive image measures in at 60 meters (196 feet) tall and 152 meters (500 feet) wide on his farm near Staunton-on-Wye in Herefordshire.

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Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Just Pledged $1 Billion—28% of His Net Worth—to COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter and the Square payment platform, has announced that he is donating $1 billion to COVID-19 response and relief efforts.

The financial commitment, which represents a whopping 28% of Dorsey’s net worth, will reportedly be funded by the tech entrepreneur’s Square shares.

Dorsey wrote in a Twitter post that he now plans on selling his Square equity since he currently owns more shares in Square than Twitter, and he hopes to reduce the impact of the donation by selling them over an extended period of time.

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35 Children's Books That Teach Empathy And Kindness

These stories feature messages of compassion, acceptance and inclusion.

Parents today are very concerned about raising kids who will be forces for good in the world. There are many ways to teach children empathy and understanding, and one very simple yet powerful approach is through books.

Countless children’s books offer beautiful lessons about friendship, acceptance, kindness and compassion. We’ve rounded up a sample of 35. Keep scrolling for a selection of diverse books that feature messages of empathy and kindness.

"Last Stop on Market Street"

Penguin Books

This Newbery Medal-winning book follows a boy and his grandmother as they witness beauty, kindness and joy on the bus. (Available here) "Those Shoes"

"Those Shoes" tells a story of generosity and selflessness in the midst of peer pressure. (Available here)

Find more books HERE.

This Could Be The Most Progressive Country On Earth

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – When 6-year-old Eddie Writes decided the world needed a little more kindness, he did the only thing he thought would work ― he wrote to his city’s mayor and asked for help putting on an annual “Kindness Day.”

Much to Eddie’s surprise, Wellington Mayor Justin Lester wrote back.

On Nov. 16, New Zealand’s capital city will be holding its first Manaaki Day (manaaki being the Maori word for kindness), taking Eddie’s ideas of how to encourage and celebrate charitable acts ― “We can buy toys for children that don’t have any,” for example ― to improve the social well-being of citizens.

“I am pleased to see a change in politics in New Zealand that I hope focuses more on listening,” says Eddie’s mother, the noted Kiwi writer and feminist Emily Writes. “Kindness should be what politics is all about. When you become a politician, it shouldn’t be for money or power or privilege ― it should be because you had a dream right from childhood that you could work with others to make our world better.”

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After 13 Years of Social Distancing, Giant Pandas Finally Mate During Peaceful COVID-19 Zoo Closures

Conservationists are rejoicing over a newly-reported silver lining to the COVID-19 shutdowns— after 13 years of playing hard to get, these two giant pandas have finally mated.

Although Le Le and Ying Ying have been roommates at the Ocean Park Zoo in Hong Kong since 2007, the two pandas have never felt compelled to answer the call of the wild even though their resulting reproduction would help to preserve their vulnerable species.

In addition to female giant pandas having a “mating season” of just 24 to 72 hours of fertility per year, the bears reportedly have a notoriously non-existent libido.

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The Super Pink Moon In Libra Is Good News For Your Relationships

(Photo by Jamie Cooper/SSPL/Getty Images)

It’s no secret that Libras are real social butterflies. After all, both Cardi B and Kim Kardashian were born into the air sign. And with the full moon entering the sign of the scales on April 7, it’s time for us to embrace our inner Libras and seek balance in our relationships.

April’s full moon is traditionally called the Pink Moon. The name is slightly misleading: The surface of the moon itself won’t take on a rosy hue. This lunar event earns its name because this month’s full moon tends to coincide with the blooming of flowers called wild ground phlox, known as “moss pink” for their warm color, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

This Pink Moon is also a supermoon, which is when the moon is full at its perigee — a.k.a. the point in its orbit when it’s closest to Earth, making it appear bigger and brighter than regular full moons. “As the second super full moon in a row, its powers will be felt very strongly due to its closer proximity than a regular full moon,” Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer at Astrology.com and Horoscope.com, tells Refinery29.

“Happening in the relationship-oriented sign of Libra, this full moon will see us focusing on the harmony within certain relationships as we strive the find the perfect balance between what we give to others with what we do for ourselves,” Montúfar explains. “After all, this sun-moon polarity is all about balancing autonomy and self-assertion (Aries) with compromise and cooperation (Libra).”

Striking the right note might come with some bumps in the road, though. “This luminary will force us to come face to face with some hard realities in life regarding love, money, and relationships,” says astrologer Lisa Stardust. “Lies will be exposed and truths revealed, clandestine relationships will be open, and we will be forced to make decisions about whether or not we feel valued by others.”

The fact that this celestial event is occurring during the coronavirus pandemic gives us a unique perspective. “Social distancing has made us think about partnerships on a whole new scale,” Stardust says. “This Super Full Moon is giving us the chance to see situations and relationships on a different level, which will force us to commit or let go.”

Leslie Hale, astrologer at Keen.com, agrees. “In these days of COVID-19 and staying at home, some relationships can come together as never before, and others are suffering from either too much togetherness or separation,” she explains. “Libra typically likes to avoid conflict and this may be our saving grace during these stressful times.”

It’s acceptance, not confrontation, that can help sustain those of us who are currently getting too much, or not enough, together time with a friend or loved one. “As Venus, the planetary ruler of this luminaire, forms a harmonizing trine with both Saturn and Mars, we can realize that instead of finding perfection, accepting things for what they are is key as long as we commit to keep working on these relational issues for the long haul,” Montúfar says.

So whether you’re holed up with a quarantine partner or not, this Super Pink Moon will bring to light any issues you may be having in your relationships and give you a chance to work through them. That may mean shifting your energy toward thinking about how to make yourself happy, or it may mean facing a long-standing issue with a partner. Regardless, right now you have what it takes to work through anything.

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Literally everyone tells us we need to be productive, proactive, and extra successful in making a bank, investing into ourselves, reading, learning, losing weight, gaining muscle and somehow becoming inspirational.. all that during the most proven times (most of us) have ever seen. Seems like if we don’t get anxious enough from the fear of catching a virus, we definitely get with the program after being harassed by all this motivational content screaming at us from every corner.

So pause. Let the world go about it all and disconnect for an hour, a day, a weekend. Stay home, be vigilant and listen to your own self and do what makes you a happy. Being content right now is essential and we all have to find our own approach to reaching this state of wellbeing. If working out nonstop, following a diet and having a schedule works for you - great. If taking it easy, relaxing and doing what pleases your soul and making sure you do a couple of assignments a day is what you desire - excellent. Make sure to indeed get up, have something to do and stay on top of things, but find your own rhythm to do so.

I am sending you love, compassion and patience.

Be kind to yourself and others, be of service and listen to your own self.

Stay well,

Your O.

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